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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 24, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got videos first, "right this minute." if the video is hard to watch, imagine how it felt for a 2-year-old up against a 9-year-old. >> he puts his hand around her neck and visibly is choking her.
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>> oh, my lord! >> how a suspicious father and a surveillance camera led to a shake-up at a day care center. rescuers in china get an ingenious idea to save a man from floodwaters, while flames trap a pennsylvania firefighter. >> got a fireman down in this building. >> how they got their man out before the wall came down. we've also got the horse who told the cyclist back off, bro. >> he's like no dude in purple shorts is going to get on my back. >> and this guy tried holding people's hands. now his sister has -- >> the sequel. >> see the cringe-worthy moments trying to hook up and getting shot down. >e goi to begin ourwi surveillance video that may be difficult for some of you to watch. we got this story from wlbt. this is surveillance video from inside kiddie city child care. pay close attention to this boy in the center of your screen.
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he's a 9-year-old. >> oh! he just punched that little girl in the face. >> according to reports, this 9-year-old was abusive to several of the children in day care. >> he puts his hand around her neck and visibly is choking her. >> oh, my lord! >> this is a different little girl. >> there's premeditation here because that little boy looks around before he tries to do something. >> after the violent punches to this little girl's face, he then kicks her and knocks her over. it looks as if he visibly helped her back up and then watch what he does. >> oh, my gosh, i cannot imagine the parents' reaction when they saw that. >> one of the parents noticed that his 1-year-old daughter was coming home with bruises and bite marks. he ended up going to the day care and punching a 6-year-old child that he thought was responsible and that father was then arrested and charged with simple assault. >> even if he had attacked the 9-year-old, he still would have been arrested and it would have been just as wrong. >> once this video was released,
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police started making arrests. in fact sandra, who the police say was the supervisor that wasn't noticing what was going on, was arrested. she's now facing charges of contributing to the neglect of a minor. >> he was allowed to run rough shade over that entire room for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. all his action went unnoticed. >> the 9-year-old has been pulled out of the day care. police have spoken to the 9-year-old and his mother, but it's unclear right now if either will face any charges. we reached out to the vicksburg police department and we reached out to the owner of kiddie city child care and we didn't hear back from either before our deadline. listen, everybody is going to back up. >> a destructive fire ripped through an abandoned building in newcastle, pennsylvania. but you guys need to see the heroic actions by firefighters and some police officers. you see the flames ripping through the top story of this building, but inside is
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lieutenant john onofrak. >> this could be very bad. >> he and some other firefighters were in there trying to fight the fire from the inside when a wall and ceiling collapsed. >> we've got a fireman down in this building. it's going to come down. >> he was trapped. officers ritchie cocky and jamie bucker raised into the building not wearing any fire protective gear, along with other firefighters, to rescue the lieutenant. >> they're trying to get the fireman out right now. >> with debris stuck on his legs, he was about five feet from the door. >> these firefighters are obviously equipped to bust into a burning building, but a police officer really is just wearing a uniform. >> he knows freedom is only feet away and yet he can't free himself. >> the scary part too, if you look at this building, you can clearly see an outside wall beginning to bow. >> look at the building, how it's bowed in. that building is going to come down. >> you can see a group of firefighters and police officers carrying him out of the building. >> they got him out!
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>> all right! >> he had bruises and stuff on his legs, but miraculously came out of this intense fire relatively unharmed. >> there are some real heroes. you know it's bad when the lifeguards doing the rescuing need to be rescued themselves. that's what happened at ft. de soto park in pinellas, florida. apparently there was a woman stuck under this pier here. now, if you look at the waters, there's some pretty strong currents on this day, right? you see some lifeguards are starting to attend to this woman. they're shouting to her. >> but that dude is still fishing off the pier. >> i thought that was kind of weird too. they're doing a rescue here, the least you could do is reel it in. one of the lifeguards dives in. look how strong the current is. he's able to get over there but you can see he's swimming his absolute hardest. >> it's like he's almost not
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moving. >> you see another lifeguard go in and watch the current take him. he really gets going away from where they're rescuing this woman. eventually all three of them get trapped under the pier. here comes the boat. we've actually got this exact same rescue from another angle where you see the boat come in. >> we're going to get together on this raft. >> both lifeguards and the woman initially trapped sort of just almost ride the current over to this small rescue boat and are able to get on board safely. >> the one lifeguard did the backstroke. >> he's showing off like, hey, i can backstroke with the water helping me to get where i'm going. as we've learned on the show, it's dangerous on roadways in russia. and this happened. look at the suv on the right of your screen and watch what happens. >> what? >> oh, my gosh.
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>> what are they doing? >> multiple guys are attacking this truck. they're busting out windows. but one of the three assailants has a gun. >> the scariest part of this, you can't drive away, there's nowhere to go, you can't escape. >> do you notice anything else going on or not going on? >> no one got out of their cars or even honked their horns or anything. >> if you're this person in this blue car and you see a guy come up with a gun and a bat, you're jumping out. beth troutman, you're jumping out like you guys better stop it. >> hit them with your car. smash them in between your car and the suv. like a subaru or d have done. something, i would have smooshed the guy with the car and said get away. >> and then the guy turns around and shoots you. >> well, you know what, i died trying to help another human being. >> get away! if i were your man i'd be really pissed that you died trying to help somebody. >> what could you have done? i don't know if i could have
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intervened unless i was driving a really big suv. at this point all you could do is call 911 and hope your dash cam is working. ah, never too young for a little food fight, huh? >> i wanted that specific piece of raw meat. >> see these two baby hawks fight it out. and a little monster truck play in the mud. what could possibly go wrong? >> watch what happens on robbie's second pass. >> oh! >> see [ male announcer ] it would mean one billion dollars for maryland
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remember, "right this minute" is all new, all summer long. >> a pretty incredible rescue in china. crews discover that there was a man who was trapped in this pier area by rising floodwaters of the river. as the rescue crews tried to get this man to safety, they had to try several different things. first they tried lowering a rope
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but the man wasn't responsive, so look what they did. they got into the bucket of an excavator and then tied a ladder to that excavator in order to reach the man who was trapped under this bridge area. >> that's pretty ingenious that they did that. >> some reports are saying that the reason this man wasn't responsive is that he may have had some mental problems, some mental issues and didn't understand that he was in severe danger. >> but he was conscious and they were able to rescue him? >> they were able to rescue him. as you see him being brought back up from underneath this bridge, you see that he is moving, he is conscious and does seem aware. he was taken to the hospital and treated. but china has been dealing with torrential rains. in fact the heaviest rains they have seen in six decades caused flooding, it's killed dozens of people. according to reports, over two million people have been affected. a group of off-roaders in
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chile were enjoying a good time in the dirt and one of the guys got a little out of shape. this is a suzuki on its side, but all the guys grouped together, used their muscle to get it up on its wheels. >> the windshield is about to fall out. that could be a problem. >> there was definitely some damage. you see a tow rope is attached to the bumper and all these guys is making sure this truck is going to get down the hill safely. you see the guy tying the tow rope off to the tree. >> are they about to pull this thing and the cactus is going to fall on these guys? >> no. >> oh, man! >> whoops, still rolling. >> oh, my -- >> the windshield looks a lot worse now. >> so what was a bit of a scratch, maybe you could buff it out, has become a bit of a crunch. >> but it landed upright. >> it did. and it didn't explode. watch closely, the guys did not block the wheels, they didn't set the brake, they didn't put it in gear.
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right now the truck is just sitting on some rocks. when it started to go, the tow rope was tied around the tree but as soon as the truck got a little mass going, you see the rope stretch and break. that's a big strong heavy nylon tow rope noemeant to tow but noo yank. >> i think they could salvage the tires. >> i think they need to go through an off-roading safety course. i love hawks, these are birds of prey and they're the only birds of prey that hunt as a team, but nobody has told these babies yet. >> oh! come on, guys, there's enough food for the both of us here. >> they have got a plate of raw meat, but this is the classic case of i want what the other guy has. >> it's the same. he's spending a whole bunch more energy trying to beat him up for the food instead of digging up for themselves. >> they barely have feathers. but they're like i'm going to fight it out because i wanted that specific piece of raw meat. >> i like the green mohawk on the dude.
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>> that one got so mad he was shaking. >> i wonder if that's behavior that's born in, that they need to kind of struggle or fight for food. >> well, they are birds of prey, but this is the only species of birds of prey that hunt as a team. typically birds of prey hunt in a solitary manner, but not these guys. >> they'll figure it out eventually. they'll figure out that two beaks are better than one. tomorrow on "right this minute," the guy in the black car is busted on camera. >> how do you do that? oh, man. whoa, whoa. it's the old holding people's hand prank. >> hi. >> see the latest hand-grabbing video that goes from funny to -- >> get away from me. >> no. >> get the -- away from me. >> and images of the earth like you've never seen before. >> can you guys figure this one out? >> real photos that look like
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shot. it's worth checking out so much, it will make you want to get off the couch and run outside and do something awesome. i have a fun to watch video. this is moments after getting the wisdom teeth out. >> those are always good. >> this is jane talking about jeff from the bachelorette. the season finale just happened and this was shot over a week ago so jane is a bit of a soothe sayer. she predicted the winner of the bachelorette. it's a funny watch. you can't go wrong with these wisdom teeth videos. >> it's always funny. >> go to to check these out. all you have to do is -- >> click best of rtm. talk about a near miss. check out this monster truck. this is called ada. robbie armstrong is behind the wheel. about 2,000 horsepower underneath the hood of that truck. spectators real close get some mud on them.
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>> real close to getting a lot of truck on them. watch what happens on rob's second pass. he comes around. >> oh, my goodness. >> is that girl on her phone? >> no. those two teenage girls were standing there like this. some people thought they were covering their eyes because they were stranded in fear, they didn't know what to do. oar people say the girls were closing their eyes because they were anticipating the truck pass and didn't want to get mud in their eyes or stones in their eyes. either way, they came within feet of getting monsterized by this big truck. >> it collapsed on them and that made them take their hands on. >> i was on the forum and one of the posts was from 8-up and maybe that's robbie armstrong defending his actions. he said, look, my right rear axle bolts broke and that's what made my truck veer to the right and jump the wall with no problem at all. it went right up over those
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barriers. those girls are close enough to the track where you need to cover your face to not get hit by the mud, you're close enough that you shouldn't be covering your eyes. you should probably take it back. it could have been a lot worse. the video is making a lot of people think about adding more safety barriers to the lakeland motor sports park. andrew hales is back. you remember andrew? he has the popular youtube channel lahws. he walked up to random strangers in utah and held their hand just to get their reactions. are you ready for the sequel? we now have holding people's hands 2, the sequel. >> and he has brought along his sister, jacqueline hales, and she's pretty cute. >> i have a feeling the guys won't mind based on her looks. >> this time they're in lake george village in upstate new
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york and it's nighttime on an active street. >> well, that changes things a little bit if you're just walking down a street at night and somebody comes and grabs your hand. >> let's see what people do. >> hi. >> uh-oh. [ laughing ] >> oh! >> hello. >> hello. >> he's like -- >> that's good for me. it's my lucky night. >> he didn't have to work for it. a guy's dream. for the most part in the two videos we've seen people have a relatively positive reaction or a puzzled reaction. it's not so once andrew starts holding people's hands. >> it's cute when a girl does it. >> what are you doing? >> hi, i just -- we're filming a social experiment. >> [ bleep ]. get away from me.
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>> no -- >> get the [ bleep ] away from me. >> crossed the line there a little for that guy. >> i'm glad he didn't get hurt. i would let his sister hold my hand. biking out in the mountains, a herd of horses, seems like you should stop and say hello. >> watch what happens. >> oh! >> see how the revenge of the horseplays out. m, he depogoes back and i'll pi
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you back up. we're going to make it. >> just hang in there. you guys are going to learn
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a little bit about horses. a couple of mountain bikers were out in romania enjoying the beautiful scenery. they stopped when they came across a couple of horses. one cyclist got off his mount and decided to try to touch one of these other mounts. >> are these wild horses? >> they are not wild horses, they are doumesticateb. but watch what happens. >> that horse bit the dude hard. thankfully he only got gummed, he didn't get hurt. a little bruising and localized swelling. >> he probably thought that guy was going to try to ride him in those purple shorts and he's like no dude in purple shorts is going to get on my back. >> i agree. i think the horse is offended by the lycra. >> this is the mare. mama, baby.
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the horse's ears are pinned way back. the ears go flat, beware. >> beth does that too. >> my ears go down, watch out. >> so the guy has no clue. the horse reacted pretty quick. he's lucky he only got a bite and not a kick. >> you don't just go up to a strange horse like that that you don't know. for the last 40 years a series of satellites have been photographing images of the earth. well, to celebrate those 40 years, nasa asked the public to vote on the top five pictures for earth as art images. the first image you're looking at is lake air in australia. >> weird. it looks like artwork. it doesn't look like a photo of earth. >> this one is called, appropriately, algerian abstract. >> what is it? >> a sea of sand. >> it looks like paint but it's actually big, giant wind-swept sand dunes. the whitish blue stuff is salt
4:28 pm
left behind from evaporated water. >> this is stunning. >> it does look like an abstract painting. >> can you guys figure this out? >> it's the mississippi. >> yes, that's right. absolutely gorgeous. i love the aqua color. >> they must photo shop these a little bit. that is really the color of the mississippi? >> i think the mississippi looks a lot darker than that and dirty. >> look at the yukon delta. that's beautiful. i know that can't be the real color so obviously they have done something to it. coming in at number one, this is a swedish island. it looks like van gogh's starry pick. >> if we never went to space, we wouldn't know what this looked like. >> the weathearth is so incredi >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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